Thickie Whips

Our various versions of our always Fair-Trade whips(Using Fair-Trade Shea&Cocoa butter along with Coconut oil). Our Thickies do different things like

Stretchy for Stretch marks and improving overall skin elasticity 

Essential for cracked, neglected, or chronically dry skin.  This whip is best for those with eczema.

Signature is closest to a lotion texture and is a favorite for a leave-in conditioner or conditioning wash out mask. This leaves a very soft and nourishing feel.

Make-up remover has real gentle results with lash glue and elaborate looks, and doubles as a softening hand cream.

Hempseed whip is made specially for people who experience nut allergies and is closest in texture to a Signature whip but lighter still!

All products naturally soy, wheat/gluten, corn, and peanut free. No products are intended to treat or cure health conditions.


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