Wood care butter / finishing wax


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For kitchen utensils, wooden bowls, tables, chopping blocks, furniture legs and more!

Most wood polishes contain mineral oil! Mineral oil is not only non-biodegradable, but terrible for the environment as the soil is choked by this slow to break down, soil clogging toxin. This non-edible and toxic oil isn’t something we wanted in our home so we developed this awesome alternative.  Especially if you condition your cutting boards or use on a table surface mineral oil is not something you want around your hands or mouth.

Our alternative Wood Butter is safe for you, the environment, and more conditioning than a traditional mineral oil or plain beeswax and coconut oil mixture. Using Walnut, Almond, and Organic Jojoba oil as the main protective agents for your wood. Locked in by our beeswax, and supported by our essential oils. This scent is Similar to our Cedar and Lemongrass Pomegranate Polish. Cedar essential oil conditions and shines, Organic Lemongrass smells perfect in this blend with added Orange for its limonene adding a clean boost and fresh clean scent 🌱

Start by cleaning the wood surface with soap and water. If using with kitchen utensils, boil them first. Wait for table to dry completely. Then starting with small amounts, rub in with a cloth in small circles until the product is fully worked into the wood. Let the wood cure for at least 30 minutes. Optionally rub down once more for smoothest lock in.

Please contact us if there is a need to omit or sub Ingredients due to allergies. We will develop a nut free alternative soon 😊 While this product will safely rub into your hands, this will not condition your skin like the wood, please see our other Thickie Whip options for skin soothing needs 🧁

Ingredients: Walnut oil, Almond oil, Beeswax, Organic Jojoba, Fair-Trade Coconut Oil, Organic Lemongrass, Cedar, and Orange Essential oils

Weight 181 kg

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