Wood care butter / finishing wax


Protecting your wooden investment pieces, tables, decorative items, and furniture is
easy with our Wood Care Butter/Finishing Wax. Walnut, almond and jojoba oils protect wood while bees wax repels dirt and grime. Essential oils provide a pleasing aroma, conditioning, and cleaning power.

Our specially formulated wax/ butter is environmentally friendly, contains no harmful oils or toxins like mineral oil, yet provides the luster and sheen that you expect. Mineral oil is not only non-biodegradable, but terrible for the environment as the soil is choked by this slow to break down, soil clogging toxin.

If adjustments are needed to accommodate your allergic conditions, please contact us.
We will be happy to assist you.
*Our wood care product is formulated to condition wood and is not intended to be used on the body, nor is it to be consumed. For products created for use on hands, hair and body, please refer to our menu of body care essentials.


Start by cleaning the wood surface with soap and water. If using with kitchen utensils, boil them first. Wait for table to dry completely. Then starting with small amounts, rub in with a cloth in small circles until the product is fully worked into the wood. Let the wood cure for at least 30 minutes. Optionally rub down once more for smoothest lock in.

Ingredients: Walnut oil, Almond oil, Beeswax, Organic Jojoba, Fair-Trade Coconut Oil, Organic Lemongrass, Cedar, and Orange Essential oils

Weight 181 kg

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