Unscented Stretchy Thickie Whip (light chocolate smell)



Our highest concentration of Cocoa butter and skinfood powerhouse ingredients, whipped into a light fluffy mixture to nourish your skin all day and prevent stretch marks from forming. This is a naturally non-greasy formula. If combining with other Thickies, concentrate this on the legs, bottom, stomach, thighs, and anywhere else you may be prone to stretch marks. Pregnant women should only use unscented as the essential oils used may have adverse effects on the babies health.

Scent profiles

Unscented has a light chocolate smell, Spiced Chocolate has hints of fruit and clove essential oils mixed in for a delightful smell. Mocha smells like a decadent latte with two pumps that you can’t wait to dive into.

We only ‘fragrance’ with essential oils (organic when possible). We use the blanket term to protect our blends.


This listing is for our Zero Waste packaging Stretchy Thickie Whip. It contains almost a full oz more of product than our previous packaging from 2.65 oz to 3.5oz. Also available in .75 oz.


Organic Cocoa Butter, Fair-Trade Shea Butter, Organic coconut oil, sunflower oil, walnut oil, mango butter, castor oil, sal butter, kokum butter, untreated beeswax, ethically sourced mica, fragrance


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