Soap Nuts (Nut-Free)


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Hate dragging a big liquid detergent around? Switch to soap nuts! These are a great eco-friendly alternative to a big plastic jug. While they are called soap nuts, they are actually a berry and safe for those with nut allergies! They are completely renewable, plant-based, and a boon for the local economy, so a win-win-win. The berries have a lot of saponin in the shells which acts as the gentle detergent keeping your clothes soft and fragrance free. Safe for HE washers, works best in warm or hot water. Add essential oils to the bag for a natural scent if desired. We offer a trial size to dip your toes in the water.

How to use

Add 5-10 soap nuts at a time into the provided muslin bag, works best with warm or hotter water. For cold rinses, please simmer the nuts in water to release the saponin before use and use the result as liquid detergent. Dry between uses. Store unused soap nuts in a spare container. 


This bag contains 30 soap nuts, good for 30-35 loads. Comes with a reusable muslin bag.Packaged a reusable (white or black in large sizes) muslin bag. We chose not to include a hard container as most people have a spare jar, tub, or container to put the excess soap nuts in and save you the cost.


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