Lovingly infused with Organic Lavender Buds 💐  All the oils in this scrub are mixed and then slow infused with Organic Lavender buds. We strain this mixture for our scrubs and then add new petals when mixed with Organic Sugars and add a small amount of Beeswax to act as a humectant and keep moisture in the skin.

I love how this formula naturally gels together to form a soft, light, and gentle scrub that works on my sensitive / contact eczema prone skin. (Give it a good stir first though😉, spoon provided)

*Vegan options (w/out beeswax) will be available on all botanical scrubs upcoming. We use bone char free sugars. Please leave in order notes.


5.5 oz or 11 oz glass jar with bamboo spoon to keep water out of your scrub. Colorant free, Complicated ingredient free, and a great Zero-Waste gift option. Packaged simply, with you in mind.


Ingredients: Moreno, Organic Cane, and Brown Vegan sugars, Organic Lavender Buds Infused in (Grapeseed oil), Lavender buds, Beeswax