Bulgarian Lavender Essential Thickie Whip



Our (quite gorgeous) simple Essential Thickie Shea whip contains 6 ingredients, plus our lovely Bulgarian Lavender essential oil for fragrance. Pure shea butter is an amazing source of fatty acids and has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. This is especially great for cracked, neglected, or chronically dry skin by soothing skin and trapping moisture after a shower. Bonus points for exfoliating first. We recommend our Signature or Hempseed Whips for hands.


Scent profiles

Bulgarian Lavender – The lovely scent of Bulgarian Lavender. Lavender essential oil is known to be calming and can help with sleeping soundly. 



Travel size about 1.25 oz, Full sized 4.5 oz



Using only Fair-Trade Shea butter, Pure olive oil that can be verified, Non-GMO Sweet Almond oil, Organic Virgin Coconut oil, Local Beeswax, Organic Tea Tree oil. 


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