All nut-free items have separate equipment and are made in a different room. The Nut room and Nut-Free room do NOT share cutting boards, utensils, mixers, etc. This is why some products take longer to make a nut free version of, as we must buy all these materials twice for safety reasons. All nut containing ingredients are kept in it’s own Nut-Free room to reduce cross contamination and all colors have been bought twice so the Blue we use for our Bunches of Blossoms and the Blue we use for the Forget Me Not are the same color, but not from the same container. 

We keep many jars, bottles, boxes, and shipping materials in the Nut-Free room to maintain as much separation as possible. Nut-Free oils we use often in the Nut room are repurchased and stay in that room to prevent moving materials back and forth like Sunflower, Apricot, and Hemp oil

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