Nut Fee

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While neither of us are personally allergic to nuts, we have had family members where every purchase could be a battlefield of ingredient lists. When doing research on what to put in our products, we found so few options without an almond or coconut oil. We wanted to be an easy choice for somebody who needed more options in our department.

Our other oils and fair trade Shea butter is stored separately, but in the same room. We use separate utensils, funnels, etc, surfaces are cleaned after nut products are used, and finished products are stored in separate rooms. Many of our products are mixed as ordered as to keep the product not only more available, but to limit how much nut oil we have out at a time. When soaps become available know that they are dried and packaged in separate rooms, they will be made in the same room, at different times. If unsure about your allergy severity please consult your doctor.

All products are naturally Wheat/Gluten, Corn, and Soy free. We only use pure olive oil to ensure we do not put our customers at risk.


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