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Cinnamusk Essential Thickie Whip

Cinnamusk Essential Thickie Whip

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Our (quite gorgeous) simple Essential Thickie Shea whip contains 6 ingredients plus essential oil fragrances, or in unscented. This is best for cracked, neglected, or chronically dry skin. Pure shea butter is an amazing source of fatty acids and has anti-inflammatory and healing properties. This helps soothe skin and trap moisture in after a shower. Bonus points for exfoliating first. 


Scent profiles

Cinnamusk - A musky masculine scent that doubles as a light cologne. 



Travel size about 1 oz, Full sized 4 oz



Using only Fair-Trade Shea butter, Pure olive oil that can be verified, Non-GMO Sweet Almond oil, Organic Virgin Coconut oil, Local Beeswax, Organic Tea Tree oil.