Eco-friendly Packaging

Our Thickie Whips, Lotion Bars, and Wax melts come in reusable and recyclable aluminum tins. Scrubs and Bath Products come in a reusable glass jar or tube. Our shipping materials are recycled and reusable. Purchases over $40 come with a FREE reusable drawstring sack handmade in Ghana for enhanced padding. The colorful shreds in our boxes are recycled and compostable with eco-friendly ink that helps our products stay in place. We use 2 versions of cardboard “bubble” wrap. We also use recycled plastic inserts from Eco-Enclose, ranging from a composition of 32 – 100% recycled materials. Paper tape is used to secure boxes.


Our smaller tools that come with a package (bamboo spoons, muslin bags, etc) are small business sourced. We put a focus on quality materials and find small businesses to be of higher quality and customer service care. 

Soft Like Me’s tools and appliances are purchased second hand where possible, most being sourced from local thrift stores. Our workshop storage consists of largely recycled and reused items, mason jars, and thrifted glass. Soft Like Me goes the extra mile to make sure products we source are paying their workers respectably and avoid drop-shipping companies.

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